Founders of Better life with refugees: Ahmad and Simone are an inspiration.

Ahmad has lived in Athens for 5 years and speaks the language fluently. He works at his father's company in the morning hours and gets his salary from it. Rest of the day he can use for helping others.


Simone has been in Greece several times during the last years, always working and living with refugees. This time he decided to stay. Simone gets money by juggling and other street arts. He is part of the 'traffic lighter' community. This way he can choose his working hours based on demands of the association. He currently needs other people to help with deliveries.

SIM AH petting cachimba (1).png

The beauty of the first meeting with Ahmad. I had been filming Simone for awhile already. We said hello and small chat, and then, I put 'the camera on his face'.  This is Take One. Meet the person without rehearsals.

Cachimba, Simone's dog, rests now. She is usually 'on the move' all day.

Ahmad and Simone are a good example. It is possible to work, live a full life and also help others. They set an example for refugees who come here with nothing but hopes and dreams in their pocket.


Respecting human rights, nature and self expression. Ahmad and Simone encourage people to create different types of arts. Here is one beautiful moment when they are 'just chilling'. Mix of Arabic, Italian and Greek rapping. Same beat, same aspirations, same experiences and same goals.

Rap video here

Text by Kati Ahonen