During the food deliveries, we see many families and single parent families living on the street, squats or in tents at the refugee camps. Clean water, electricity, toilets and other necessities are unreliable or don't work. People live in poor and crowded conditions.

Children are exposed to constant noise, fear of violence and all types of uncertainties. The city has shut down several squats in Athens during the last year and people need to look for a new place to live. Many of them have been moved to (the already crowded) camps. Some of the refugees are 'lucky' to get their own container, but many have to live in tents.

We aim to provide peaceful, quiet and permanent places for single mother families. Community type living in 3 bedroom apartments, the same Greek government is trying to achieve, but is not able to. This way it's possible to save in housing costs (see Donations), and families can support each other in daily life and have a safe, quiet environment.

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Food and housing comes first. Then, it's time

to become a full member of Greek society. 

To get an AFM (tax number) in Greece, people need a permanent address. To open up a bank account, people need an AFM and proof of employment. If all this is in order it's easier to find work. Or, at least, be able to apply for work. 

We will help refugees to translate their documents or work certificates. We assist in the process to get official translations if needed, or find volunteers for non-official translations between several languages. We teach how to write a CV and assist in work interviews. 

All these goals, and running the Center is strictly volunteer based.

No one gets paid. Not even the founders. We can guarantee that every penny you donate goes directly to helping refugees. 

Start-up is for paying stipends for refugees.

Refugees can find simple work through the business part of our association.  We will have a hot print machine (part of our marketing plan) to print on fabric, sewing machine and provide the possibilities of jewellery making, embroidery and other crafts. To start with, we will sell these products at festivals, street markets or on our online store.

In the future, when we get more people to teach their skills (from 9am to 5pm when the Center is open for educational purposes) we can offer more work (from 5pm to midnight) and create a vibrant community center with 'well used' time and square meters.

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Rule of thumb: If we sell something, it's business and refugees can get paid. Possibilities are limitless.

Stipends are for refugees, for their services and work or volunteer housing come from Start-up.