Solidary Art Project

We believe in art as an instrument to spread our message of solidarity and inclusion, as well as a way to generate means and resources necessary to continue with our humanitarian work. To achieve this, we are organizing a series of actions involving visual arts, music, performance, video, photography, crafts and circus, both in specific locations as well as on the move, with our Caravan of Artists.

As independent artists, with a humanitarian calling, we try to divide our time and resources into our social work and our arts. Thus, we have decided to donate an amount of our earnings to the association, in order to sustain it and keep expanding our aid to so many people in need.

If you are an artist or cultural agent and think you can contribute to this project, contact us to collaborate.

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solidary t-shirt campaign


Our friends from BLWR Spain have organised this campaign to raise funds for us.

This SOLIDARY CAMPAIGN, the first of the association in Spain, is coordinated by Albert Bassa, Gaila Alonso, and relies on the collaboration of MANY people involved from Solidary Art Project and Networks of Hope, projects within our association.



 • Number of shirts you want.
 • T-shirt sizes.
 • Design you have chosen (listed in photos 1/2).
 • Your full name and shipping address.
 • Screenshot of the payment made to Gaila Alonso with the text: "Better Life With Refugees T-shirt".
 • A beautiful phrase to make our day!

 * Payment Methods:
 - Paypal:

 - Transfer (Santander Bank): ES43 0049 1588 5026 1083 3774

 ** The minimum price to have your shirt is 14€, but if you can and want to contribute with more, it is more than welcome!!!!

 ** The shipping price within Spain is 3€.

 ** There will be gathering points points from December 16th at:
 - Olot
 - Tortellà
 - Palamos
 - Girona
 - Barcelona

 - More gathering points may arise. Stay posted! Thanks for the collaboration and understanding!

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-18 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-18 at 12.59.54 (1


The drawings are made by GIRLS AND BOYS from the Eleonas refugee camp in Athens.

At the moment there are two different designs, if the campaign succeeds as we plan, we will present new ones!!!

T-shirts created in collaboration with:

 ** Mai Morirem

 ** Stamping workshop

 ** @vendettasinsaneclothdesign

Infinite thanks for your time, support and professionalism!