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Wondering how we help, we will tell you how it all stared. By an old van with Spanish plate. Our Founder stared collecting food, clothes and housewares in the outskirts of Athens, all for disadvantaged and displaced families. In numbers, 55,000 KM, countless smiles. The old van left us, but thanks to the support of The Refugee Charity Network and Brian Donnelly's friends and family we purchased a new one. We are glad we'll help a bit faster. 

Van of Hope is not just cooler, well it is. But it keeps doing a lot.


  • We use it to offer assistance to displaced families when in need of legal counselling, medical assistance or permanent stay application, as well as to Greek nationals when in need - as during the Evia flood of 2020.

  • We collect food, fruit and vegetables and we distribute them in our BLWR free shop, located in central Athens. 

  • We cooperate with refugee camps and shelters around Greece, delivering first need essentials such as over the counter drugs, food and clothing.

  • We work hard in order to find and purchase a land, which will be hosting a sustainable farming and cultivation project aiming to create food, housing and work places - smiles, to cut it short.


Van Of Hope is also helping other associations around Athens amongst which we can mention: Our House - Café Patogh, Chamomile Housing Project, One Human Race, Pampiraiki, Goodwill Caravan, Tree of Life, Cribs, The Shower Project, Stronger Generations, Hope Café, Love and Serve Without Boundaries, Khora, Finding Refuge, Toulou Project, Not Just a Refugee, Respekt für Griechenland, Project Elea and Planeta de Todos.

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