van of hope

A solidary transport, destined to support humanitarian projects, independent volunteers, and vulnerable refugee families and single individuals in need. Thanks to the support of The Refugee Charity Network and Brian Donnelly's friends and family, this year we managed to purchase the Woodpecker Van, since, since our old Car of Hope decided to retire.

This new van will allow us to:

- Transport of necessary items for the finalisation of our New Space, like wood, fridge, kitchenware and items for the new Play Space.

- Develop joint actions together with over 30 independent groups and associations, transporting goods where mostly needed.

- Support refugee families when in need of transportation (for documents, hospital, airport, moving and other situations).

- Gather essential houseware, like fridges, stoves, washing machines and general furniture and further distribution to those in real need.

- Recycle fruits and vegetables at the Farmer's Market, together with our friends from Boroume, and further transport to our BLWR Free Shop, to be further distributed among the members of our BLWR community.

- Collaborate with camps: needs assessment and establishment of cooperation to gather and transport whatever is needed.

- Support the BLWR Free Shop in its distribution, through the collection and transport of donations.

- Open Wardrobe: transport of clothing items from our warehouse to our Free Shop in the center of Athens.

- Create a Food Network in Athens and surrounding areas: search of food donations among individuals and associations in the area.

- Search for a piece of land to buy and start cultivating our own donations in a bio/eco-sustainable way.

Some history...

Even before our association was formally created, our van was already active: in the last 3 years we have transported food, medicines, diapers, clothes, houseware and other essentials to different refugee camps around Greece, as well as to many solidarity projects, homes, cooperatives and individual people in need. Apart from our regular deliveries, we are always ready to bring assistance to victims of natural disasters all around Greece, such as the Evia flood in August 2020. Besides, we have carried many refugee families when needing to move houses, leave or return to camp, attend their medical examinations, get their passports and go to the airport.


Among the associations supported by this action, we can mention: Our House - Café Patogh, Chamomile Housing Project, One Human Race, Pampiraiki, Goodwill Caravan, Tree of Life, Cribs, The Shower Project, Stronger Generations, Hope Café, Love and Serve Without Boundaries, Khora, Finding Refuge, Toulou Project, Not Just a Refugee, Respekt für Griechenland, Project Elea and Planeta de Todos.