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Probably you just stopped by, in this case thank you so much. Most likely, you came for a reason, in this case we appreciate it. Yes, honey. We know. You are wondering where is this picture coming from.

WELL, FROM croatia, EUROPEan UNION.1992.

In numbers, 15,007 dead or wounded, 300,000 displaced. People, yep. That's what is all about.

That's what we are about too. With just one little tiny difference. Skin shade.

Over 166,144 refugees and asylum seekers are currently living in Greece, a country already shattered by crisis, public debt and financial insecurity. The majority of them fled Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. NATO wars, just wondering.

International research shows us that over than 35% of Greek nationals is at risk of extreme poverty, and that almost the total of the displaced landed in the Hellenic peninsula are struggling to make ends meet - surviving on donations given by charities, religious organization or family members already settled abroad.

We are one of the many NGOs helping refugees in Athens, and, believe it or not, ngos are never too many. 

Every single piece of clothing, every single pocket of rice, every single item we deliver is vital. Our work is vital, essential, necessary. Even a duty. We do not differ from doctors, surgeons, astronauts. Yes, sometimes we think we are. It's like going to the moon and back, MAKING IT HAPPEN 


Again, numbers. That's what we made, the numbers we made. We don't like to call them numbers. We'll call them smiles.

18,762 smiles thanks to our bags of food and personal items.

650 smiles thanks to our diapers and baby formula for infants.

3000 smiles for our clothes.


MAKE A SMILE happen.

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